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Welcome to the Calipso pages on Low Energy Ion Scattering ( LEIS) the analytical technique for the quantitative analysis of the outermost atomic layer.

Calipso has transferred all its activities to Tascon GmbH and ION-TOF GmbH, both located in Münster, Germany.

Tascon GmbH offers LEIS analysis and consulting on surface related issues with the expertise of former Calipso staff.

IONTOF GmbH offers LEIS instrumentation, using the Calipso analyser design.

The old Calipso website, with interesting information about LEIS and examples of LEIS analysis, is still available. Please use the links on the left hand side to access it.



Transfer of Calipso's analytical service to Tascon in Münster (Germany)

Introduction of Qtac100, the next generation of HS-LEIS instruments


Calipso Expertise Center

If you need to know what's really on the surface

Bringing nano-technology into products asks for new characterisation technologies. Calipso’s High-Sensitivity Low Energy Ion Scattering (HS-LEIS) surface analysis technology is the only technique in the world capable of analysing the outermost atomic layer of a substrate.

We provide analytical services for many applications like catalysis, ALD growth, coatings, polymers, SAM’s, metal-polymer interface, implants and many others.